Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Roots of the Suspended Fireplace

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Here in the United States, many consumers are unfamiliar with the suspended fireplace; once people see a suspended fireplace, they often remark that it is one of the most unique fireplace designs they’ve ever seen. For those people, it may come as a surprise that the design we now know as a suspended fireplace has been around since 1967 – the pinnacle of the mid-century modern design era.

Created by sculptor French Dominique Imbert, the Gyrofocus was actually the first suspended fireplace to pivot 360 degrees. Although Imbert only intended to create a fireplace that would warm his studio in the south of France, the Gyrofocus and a sister product, the Antefocus, soon became the centerpiece products of the Focus contemporary fireplace line.

Now, the suspended fireplaces that define Focus fireplaces can be found in locations ranging from art galleries in Marseille, France to condominium homes in Tokyo, Japan, to prestigious design museums such as the Guggenheim in New York City and the museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Sweden.

Buyers love the clean lines of suspended fireplaces, which is perhaps what makes them perfect for an urban environment. Unlike a “traditional” fireplace that is built into the wall, suspended Focus fireplaces are installed onto the wall; this is a unique distinction that sets them apart entirely from other fireplaces. Of course, there are built in Focus fireplace models as well; in fact, there are now more than 60 Focus fireplace models available.

In Europe, there are distributors that sell Focus fireplaces exclusively to European buyers – but here in the United States, homeowners, business owners, architects and designers can purchase Focus fireplaces directly from us! Custom Fireplace Design is the exclusive North American importer and distributor of Focus fireplaces. Visit our website for examples of the Focus fireplaces we have available.


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