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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Why Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces?

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That is a question we often receive from homeowners, business owners and design professionals who are interested in modern fireplace ideas. There are some great reasons to consider a bio ethanol fireplace when installing a new fireplace in a home or business, and we will be happy to share them with you here. First, let’s define what a bio ethanol fireplace is.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are powered by bio ethanol, which is also known as denatured alcohol (or in more layman’s terms, “jellied” alcohol because the alcohol is in gel form). If you have ever used a Sterno can to heat a chafing dish or fondue pot, you have already used bio ethanol fuel. It’s a clean burning, flammable substance that can be used in a fireplace, when an alternative to wood burning fireplaces is desired. Now, why would you want to own one?

You may want use a fuel burning fireplace instead of a wood burning one if you want to avoid purchasing wood logs, or if you have specific environmental concerns associated with burning wood. For businesses, using a bio ethanol fireplace is sometimes a more convenient option than a wood burning fireplace; no one at the business needs to worry about loading the fireplace with wood, and no one needs to worry about clean up. This is a cost effective advantage as well.

However, take note: When you have a bio ethanol fireplace, you are not immune to the safety concerns of “traditional” fireplaces. The fireplace still contains real fire, and it can burn anyone who gets too close. If you are interested in a completely safe fireplace alternative, we recommend our new product, Vapor Fire. It is an water mist/LED light "fire" that looks completely authentic, surrounded by glass panels that make it impossible to burn anyone. No matter which of our modern fireplace options you are interested in, explore our gallery to get design ideas – then, contact us for more information. We will be glad to help.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Introducing a Safer Alternative to Traditional Fireplaces!

For years, we have worked alongside architects, interior designers and commercial planners to develop products that bring their fireplace ideas to life. Now, we are proud to announce that we have outdone ourselves with a completely safe alternative to traditional fireplaces: Vapor Fire, an installation that enables commercial facilities to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace feature safely and without venting requirements.

Vapor Fire utilizes a steam vapor mist and LED lighting, which creates an authentic fireplace effect that looks exactly like a real fire. This is a great solution for many types of commercial applications, including hospitality establishments, restaurants and shopping malls. For businesses like these, traditional fireplaces always pose a safety concern – but because Vapor Fire uses LED lighting and water, it is impossible for it to cause burns. The lighting is concealed with a panel on the top, and no one can touch the bulbs. This makes it the safest possible alternative to a traditional fireplace.

Vapor Fire is also very convenient, because businesses can place the Vapor Fire in a lobby or other space without the restrictions of venting requirements. The staff can fill the water tank when needed, but with a 14 hour burn time, it’s easy to control how often re-filling will be needed. Even hotel guest rooms can feature Vapor Fire, and customers can simply click on the fireplace with a remote control. It’s the easiest way for hotels to have in-room fireplaces.

If you are an architect, designer, commercial planner or other professional interested in seeing what Vapor Fire looks like up close, join us this week for an exclusive unveiling event in New York City! We will be at the Courtyard Central Park on Monday, July 21 and Tuesday, July 22, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Belvedere meeting room. Drop in to see the burning display models and ask us your questions; we will be happy to answer them! The location is at 1717 Broadway at 54th Street, New York, NY 10019. If you need new fireplace ideas for your clients, this can be a great opportunity!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fireplace Safety FAQs

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Whether you choose a wood burning fireplace or a fireplace that runs on clean-burning fuel, you are bound to have some questions about safely operating your fireplace. With that in mind, here are some of the most commonly asked fireplace safety questions.

Q: What is the safest distance between a fireplace and a mantle?

A: Many experts recommend placing a mantle at minimum of 12" above the top of the fireplace. If the mantle is a shelf that protrudes out, add one additional inch to the height of the mantle for every inch that the mantle protrudes out.

Q: How often should I clean out my fireplace?

A: It depends on how often you use it. If there is more than ¼ inch of soot in your wood burning fireplace, it needs to be cleaned so that you can continue to operate it safely.

Q: Is it safe to burn trash in the fireplace?

A: It is not considered safe. Trash burns too hot, which could start an out-of-control fire and damage your flue. Plus, some of your trash may contain chemicals that are unsafe to emit into the air.

Q: How can I keep my family safe from fireplace sparks?

A: There are many accessories that can shield you from fireplace sparks, including flat wire mesh screens and glass doors. However, gas logs are not likely to spark at all; neither are our clean-burning fireplace fuels. You can learn more about our bio-ethanol fireplace fuels here.

Q: What if I am unsure about the safety of the fireplace I am interested in?

A: We pride ourselves on crafting fireplaces with safety in mind. However, you are welcome to ask us about safety considerations for any fireplace you are considering.

If you have other fireplace safety questions for our wood burning fireplace units or our fireplaces that operate using fuel, feel free to ask us on Facebook or Twitter. We will be glad to answer them!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Decorating Your Built In Fireplace for Summer

Even in colder regions, summer is the one time of year that an indoor fireplace is likely to sit unused for several months. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should neglect beautifying your fireplace or mantle area this time of year. How can you decorate your built in fireplace for summer? Here are some good ideas.

Greening it up. Of course, we’re talking about live plants here. What better way to cool down the appearance of the fireplace area than to adorn it with a few potted plants? Make sure you choose plants that are tolerant of the indoors; if your fireplace is not near a window, you will need to select plants that don’t require much sunlight. Always place a drainage plate underneath the pot, and water your plants as often as your nursery recommends.

Covering it up. Then again, you could cover your fireplace entirely. There are some gorgeous fireplace screens that are decorative items unto themselves. Choose a real wood, bamboo or wrought iron fireplace screen to elevate the appearance of your fireplace area in the summer - or better yet, use our wall-mounted sliding door hearth, which is pictured here.

Decking it out. You trim your fireplace in the fall and winter with seasonal decorations, so why not in the summer? There are plenty of summertime decorations that can go beautifully on a fireplace: seashells, starfish and framed vacation postcards can adorn the mantle. Use your imagination and have fun; isn’t that what summer is all about?

This summer, make sure your built in fireplace doesn’t fade into the background. It should be a feature you can enjoy looking at all year long!