Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ways to Clean Fireplace Glass

If you spend any time researching our modern fireplaces, you’ll see that many of our models do not have glass panels in the front. However, some do; after all, some buyers have to make safety considerations. If you purchase a fireplace that does have safety glass, you will be relieved to learn there are many affordable ways to do it. Typically, fireplace glass can be cleaned by simply wiping it down. If there is a little cloudiness, regular household glass cleaner will normally do just fine.

But what if you have an unfortunate accident, like allowing a piece of clothing to get too close to your fireplace glass? Sometimes, that can cause the fabric to burn on the glass and it may seem impossible to get off. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to stay there forever! Some ways you may be able to remove it are:

Foaming oven cleaner – this is a go-to solution for all kinds of clean-up disasters
TSP solution – this is a heavy duty cleaner used by painters and construction workers
Paint thinner – If the first two remedies don’t work, you may consider giving this a try

However, these are only good ways to clean fireplace glass if the area feels smooth to the touch. If the glass feels rough to the touch, that is a situation that may be a little harder to tackle. Try carefully scraping it with something non-abrasive, such as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Softening the spot with hot water or steam first is probably going to make the job easier, so if you have a steamer that you can use, great! If not, try preparing the area with a hot, wet washcloth.

These are some of the ways you may consider cleaning fireplace glass, if an uncommon accident was involved. Of course, you can minimize your chances of needing to do this by practicing good fireplace safety. Don’t wear hanging clothing while tending to your fireplace, and never lean on the glass; this will help prevent a messy mishap, and it will ensure your safety as the owner of one of our modern fireplaces.


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