Sunday, 27 July 2014

Why Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces?

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That is a question we often receive from homeowners, business owners and design professionals who are interested in modern fireplace ideas. There are some great reasons to consider a bio ethanol fireplace when installing a new fireplace in a home or business, and we will be happy to share them with you here. First, let’s define what a bio ethanol fireplace is.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are powered by bio ethanol, which is also known as denatured alcohol (or in more layman’s terms, “jellied” alcohol because the alcohol is in gel form). If you have ever used a Sterno can to heat a chafing dish or fondue pot, you have already used bio ethanol fuel. It’s a clean burning, flammable substance that can be used in a fireplace, when an alternative to wood burning fireplaces is desired. Now, why would you want to own one?

You may want use a fuel burning fireplace instead of a wood burning one if you want to avoid purchasing wood logs, or if you have specific environmental concerns associated with burning wood. For businesses, using a bio ethanol fireplace is sometimes a more convenient option than a wood burning fireplace; no one at the business needs to worry about loading the fireplace with wood, and no one needs to worry about clean up. This is a cost effective advantage as well.

However, take note: When you have a bio ethanol fireplace, you are not immune to the safety concerns of “traditional” fireplaces. The fireplace still contains real fire, and it can burn anyone who gets too close. If you are interested in a completely safe fireplace alternative, we recommend our new product, Vapor Fire. It is an water mist/LED light "fire" that looks completely authentic, surrounded by glass panels that make it impossible to burn anyone. No matter which of our modern fireplace options you are interested in, explore our gallery to get design ideas – then, contact us for more information. We will be glad to help.


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