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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Looking to the Past for Fireplace Design Inspiration

 photo JamesAGarfieldHome_zps7a223119.jpg

Whether we knew it or not, many of us grew up with pre-conceived design notions, including ideas about fireplace design. There are certain rooms in the home that we just assume the fireplace should go: the family room, of course, and perhaps the formal living room. But then what? In the mid-century homes that still make up many of America’s suburbs, it’s not common to see fireplaces built in other rooms of the house – and perhaps that’s why so many people still don’t realize the numerous rooms of the home where fireplaces can be very appropriate.

But if we look back a little further – say, a century ago – it appears that homebuilders had the right idea. Back then, it would not have been unusual to see fireplaces in any room of the home that needed warmth. After all, that’s what fireplaces were designed to do! Those rooms might have included the:

•    Kitchen
•    Formal dining room
•    Master bedroom
•    Additional bedrooms
•    Master bath
•    Outbuildings

If you need inspiration for rooms of the home where custom fireplaces could be installed, try taking a drive through the nearest historic neighborhood in your area. Chances are, you’ll see chimneys emerging from multiple areas of the homes. If you are able to take a tour of any of these homes, you may be quite surprised (and delighted!) when you see the many different rooms that contained fireplaces. It’s a great way to get some fireplace design inspiration at the beginning of any home renovation project.

It’s wonderful to acquire fireplace ideas from magazines, Pinterest and other sources, but we recommend looking to the past for some of your inspiration as well. You may be surprised by how many practical concepts you can use for your own fireplace design projects.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Otherworldly Fireplace Designs: We Have Them!

There are standard fireplaces, and then there are some fireplace designs that are so unique and distinctive that they can only be described as otherworldly. Of course, we bring many of those designs to life right here at Custom Fireplace and Design. Today, we wanted to share with you some fireplace models that may be perfect for the homeowner or business owner who thinks out of the box. These are heavily architectural fireplace designs, which is why they are often popular with interior design and architectural design/build teams. Take a look!

 photo focus-slide-5_zps4d5ab63d.jpgRemember, these are custom fireplace designs - not standard "models," but pieces that were crafted according to a client's request.

 photo focus-slide-7_zps9395adfd.jpg
Now, this is a fireplace design that makes a statement!

 photo Open-Concept-Space-Creator-200_zpseee8f49e.png
Direct vent gas fireplaces are among the most popular fireplace designs there are right now. Homeowners like the clean lines and the clean burning fuels, not to mention the perfect stream of heat they emit.
As you can see, there are so many options available to clients who want a truly customized fireplace design. If you would like to see more options, take a moment to browse through our gallery. You'll love seeing the wide variety of fireplace designs there are!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Outdoor Fireplaces: Perfect for Summer!

 photo Outdoor-Toblerone_zpsed352eac.png

Sure, the weather is warm during the day – but summer nights can still benefit from the warmth of an outdoor fireplace, especially if you live near the beach, in the mountains or in a remote desert location. All of these environments tend to cool off at night, even in the summertime. Plus, there’s really nothing like the incredible ambiance of an outdoor fireplace – no matter where you live! They make the perfect centerpiece for the following outdoor living areas.

Patios: A simple backyard patio, on any style of home, can receive an instant makeover from a custom outdoor fireplace. Since our outdoor fireplaces are available in many different sizes, even homeowners with smaller patios still have backyard fireplace options available to them.

Loggias: What is a loggia, you ask? You may have one and not even know it! A loggia is a larger backyard patio designed for upscale entertaining; often, the design is Italian-inspired with a cover that is held up by decorative pillars. If you are fortunate enough to have a loggia adjacent to your home, there’s no better way to make it welcoming than to add an outdoor fireplace. This can be the showpiece that has everyone talking about your parties for years to come.

Swimming pool decks: Whether your pool deck is elevated or a simple concrete slab on the same level as the pool, you can dress it up with an outdoor fireplace. Browse our selection of outdoor fireplaces to see what design works best with your poolside space.

Summer may be in full swing, but it’s not too late to enhance your outdoor living area with outdoor fireplaces. Our gallery is full of beautiful designs to consider; take a look, and then feel free to contact us with your questions!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fireplace Designs for the Home – Great Ideas for Families!

 photo Contemporary-Clear-70TS_zps01e34d86.png

Summer may not seem like the time to start looking at fireplaces, but it is actually the most practical season to gather your fireplace ideas and start shopping for one. After all, if you are investing in something that is so essential to the ambiance and functionality of your home, it’s a good idea to have it ready long before you’ll actually need it (unless you’re the last minute type – and hey, that’s okay, too!). To help you get those fireplace ideas rolling, here are our suggestions for designs that are great for family homes:

Built-in fireplaces. We have over a dozen options for built-in fireplaces, many of which are perfect for the modern family home. If you like the popular “clean lines” design aesthetic, a built-in fireplace could be a great choice.

A ceiling suspended fireplace and hearth. This is a good choice for families with older children; we have many hanging and suspended fireplaces to choose from that can be appealing to families who have moved past the safety concerns of having young children. A suspended fireplace looks incredible, and it can warm the whole space with its 360 degree fireplace panel.

Wall mounted fireplaces. These are what most people associate with fireplaces, sure – but you’ve never seen a selection like this. A wall mounted fireplace may sound like the most traditional option, but when you take a look at the models we offer, you see that wall mounted fireplaces can be just as mind-blowing as any suspended or built-in models.

These are just some of the fireplace designs you can consider for your home – but why not get your family involved in the planning and selection process, too? You may be surprised at how creatively they think! Check out our gallery, or follow us on Pinterest for more creative fireplace ideas.